Reforms will make immigration safer and fairer

Britain has a proud record of providing a safe haven but Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, is right to stand against criminal gangs who are exploiting our system.  Britons want a ‘new system that works for the law abiding majority, and against those who abuse our hospitality.  One that welcomes those who are most in need of sanctuary but one that slams the door on dangerous criminals.

Until recently politicians have regarded the subject of immigration as a subject that no one wants to deal with and many inferred that any concern about it is ‘racist’. But ever since Tony Blair let in a million economic migrants from Eastern Europe from 2004 onwards, when the government predicted 13,000, voters have been sceptical about mass migration which impacted most on poorer sections of society.

Brexit votes in 2016 and 2019 ensured free movement from Europe should be controlled, but we still have the tragic sight of hundreds of illegal migrants risking their lives crossing the Channel in flimsy boats.                       When they land on our shores there is the inevitable group of lawyers keen to deploy human rights law to prevent them being sent back.

“For too long we have been frustrated by those who know how to play the system says Patel.  “More than 10,000 foreign national offenders remain in the UK.  Among that number are individuals who have committed serious crimes, including murder and rape”.

Since the beginning of this year, the Government has removed over 800 foreign offenders and is now enshrining in law measures to counter vexatious appeals. Tougher sentencing for people smugglers and prosecutions for small boat related crimes.

No one will be granted refugee status if they arrive illegally in the UK.

As the daughter of Indian parents forced out of Uganda, the Home Secretary knows the value of Britain as a secure and peaceful destination for legal migrants and is proud to have ‘established a life in one of the greatest countries in the world.

Well managed immigration is essential for any developed nation to prosper.  We must welcome talent and investment from around the world.

That is why the Tories are introducing a points-based immigration system that ensures we encourage the people we need, not those seeking to exploit our social welfare.  Key talents in science, business and medicine should be fast-tracked into UK residency.

We must have a quick and effective system for ascertaining exactly who is coming across our borders.  All visitors to the USA have to fill in an electronic travel form called an ESTA.

Priti Patel wants to introduce our own version of that.  Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA)  which will allow border officials to do security and criminal checks before anyone arrives here.  It will also provide up-to-date, accurate numbers of visitors.  More streamlined application rules for legal migrants should also make it easier for government lawyers to avoid continuous appeals from those subverting the system.

Priti Patel has been good at voicing our legitimate concerns about mass migration, but it will be actions and results that will determine how successful she has been.

It is felt that Priti Patel has demonstrated the necessity for her to be allowed to complete her mission to protect our borders.  That would be a great example of how the UK encourages the ambitious and hard working to thrive in a country that will always welcome law-abiding incomers and their families.

“I love our country just as much as someone whose great-great grandparents were born here” says the Home Secretary, and I want our nation to succeed.  The Government is taking back control of immigration.