Re-settled refugees speak of new life in the UK

Thousands of families who have fled war and persecution around the globe now live in comfortable homes, where they able to lead fulfilling lives and work towards their dreams.

25,000 men, women and children who were once in great danger have been given a place of safety in the UK over the last five years, thanks to Britain’s refugee resettlement programmes.

However,while the Home Office has said it is committed to building on its proud history of resettling refugees, concern is mounting after ministers scrapped its numerical target on the programme, leaving no guarantee as to how many will be welcomed in future.

The department has said the numbers will instead be kept under review, depending on the capacity of local authorities, central government and community groups – but the UNHC, UK charities and local councils are concerned that this approach will lead to fewer people being resettled.

During Refugee Week, some of those who have benefited from resettlement has said how the scheme has allowed them to rebuild their lives and become part of British Society and why the Home Office must make a clear commitment to continuing to allow refugees to settle in Britain.