Joint Action to Prevent Illegal Immigration

Priti Patel, Home Secretary and the French Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin recently met to discuss            co-operation between both countries to fight illegal immigration at their shared borders.

Both parties agreed that the high number of illegal crossings during this year was not acceptable and had to be addressed with determination.

Both home secretaries emphasised that it is vital to stop illegal sea crossings and prevent the public disturbances that they generate on both sides of the Channel and pointing out that the number of accidents had increased in recent months from these crossings.

Illegal crossings represent a mortal danger for the women, men and children aboard these ships and dinghies which remains a matter of grave concern for both governments.

Both ministers also agreed to stop this small boats phenomenon and implement new standard measures which would help to prevent departures and the the formation of illegal camps in Calais.

A new joint operational plan aimed at optimising the deployment of human resources and equipment dedicated to the prevention of these illegal sea crossings was discussed.  The plan which will take effect during the coming days will include:-

  • An increase in law enforcement deployments to investigate and prevent unlawful crossings
  • The deployment of high definition surveillance technology equipment which would detect illegal crossing attempts before they occur.
  • Help migrants find appropriate accommodation to remove them from the grip of trafficking
  • To strengthen border security to reduce the possibility of unlawful crossings.
  • Britain has promised to invest to support France’s efforts against irregular crossings in these territories.

The ministers welcome the continuation of dialogue on a wide range of subjects in order to achieve a reduction in migration pressure at the common border in the short and long term.