The Shady Ones: Signs the Lawyer You Are Talking to Is Full of Red Flags

Just because someone has “attorney at law” to their name doesn’t mean that they are above board. Today, we wanted to give a few tips on how to spot lawyers that are rife with red flags.

When your immigration status or concern is at stake, you can ultimately end up losing more. This is why the quality of the lawyer that you choose is critical. Here are a few red flags you should look out for:

They Make Unrealistic Promises


When you’re in a dire position like you’re about to get deported, it can be easy to feel desperate and cling on to the first person that tells you that all your problems will disappear. Court hearings are lengthy and will require study.

A good lawyer will tell you to be patient and to give you the realistic odds. They will never tell you that they’ll sort it all out without knowing the whole picture of your case.

They Won’t Make Contracts


Lawyer services are just like any other services that you can avail. In order to protect both parties, there needs to be a contract drawn up and signed. If the lawyer that you’re speaking to isn’t willing to make a contract between yourself and them (or their firm), that is definitely sketchy behavior.

A proper lawyer will make sure that they are protected by a contract before they pursue the specifics of your case.

They Suggest Lying


Sometimes, it can be really tempting to lie about certain things if you think it’ll help your case. The truth of the matter is immigration must always deal with facts and not fabrications. If you are dealing with a lawyer that suggests that you lie on official forms, you are definitely dealing with the wrong person.

We hope that today’s discussion helps you to better understand what red flags do exist when you’re dealing with certain types of immigration lawyers. What other red flags have you come across from law practitioners?

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