Four People Rescued From the Back of a Lorry

Four people have been rescued from the back of a lorry after calling the emergency services for help.

The police said the people were not injured and immigration officials are now handling there welfare.

Officers stopped the lorry just before junction 11 of the M11 near Trumpington, on the outskirts of Cambridge.  The lorry is believed to have come from Dover.  The driver was initially arrested on suspicion of assisting illegal entry into the UK, but Cambridgeshire Police say they are not taking further action following an interview.

Also last month the force rescued 18 people from the back of a refrigerated lorry at Haddon Service Station on the A1M near Peterborough.  The driver had alerted the authorities when he realised there were people on board and he became concerned for their welfare.  The 13 men and five women identified themselves as Eritrean.  None of the passengers were injured.

People are urged to call 999 if they see people emerging from a lorry or HGV hear banging from inside a lorry or if they see people entering the back of a lorry.