EU Citizens - Attitudes soften towards immigration

Attitudes soften towards immigration

Although the issue of immigration still causes disagreement or hostility between people, negative public attitudes towards immigration in the UK appear to have softened, according to a recent survey, but it is now considered less important. since the 2016 EU referendum. Forty-seven per cent of people now think immigration has a positive impact on Britain

Asylum seekers claims are taking longer and longer

Claims for Asylum Seekers taking longer

The Home Office appears to be taking substantially longer to make decisions on asylum applications, much longer than five years ago. In 2014 80% of applicants received an initial decision within six months compared to around 25% now. There also appears to be an uneven distribution of claimants with 150 councils failing to support any,

migrant lorry deaths - Refugees describe journey to UK

Refugees describe journey to UK

Recent lorry deaths have revealed the desperate measures people are willing to take to escape war and persecution. Often going for days without food and water and being stuck in a freezing container underneath boxes of potatoes, meat or perhaps syringes,  are some of the conditions refugees have endured in their long life-threatening journeys to